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hi SWVA and NETN
I am Look For some fun In Southwest Virginia And Northeast ,TN. HMU if you are close by and need some fun in your life :)(and also live or can easily get to the Bristol area).
big gathering motorcycle ride
i am going cruisen on my bike to mapleton falls in a weeks time with 15 other bikes men & laddies and i would like some company on the rear should be awsome cruisen the mountain roads relaxin along side  the mountain
My Day In Tuson!! A Must Read!!
Today was an adventure! We went to "Old Tuson Studios" for the day. For those who don`t know it`s an old western set that was used in movies and what-not and it doubles as a tourist spot. When we arrived we went to eat at Big
The Big Dry Land
What a trip, I have just returned to the coast to be greated with cool breezes and this wet stuff that falls from the sky that took a little while to figure out it was RAIN. Where have i come from? Well there is a little com