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Q. How can I help Club Intimate?

A. You can help build the Club Intimate community by promoting Club Intimate to your friends and visitors to your own web sites. Club Intimate is all about friends and community, and the larger that community becomes the deeper and richer the experience will be for everyone. It's a fact, most people find new friends, dates, jobs, activity partners, advice, referrals, and just about everything else through friends. Therefore, it just makes sense that the more you promote Club Intimate, the wider and more diverse your personal network will be. You benefit and the entire Club Intimate community benefits. It's truly a win-win situation! So get out there and start promoting!

Q. Where can I get Club Intimate promotional banners?

A. Start by clicking the ‘Promote’ link in the top navigation menu from any Club Intimate web page. On the ‘Promote’ page, follow the instructions to copy and paste your favourite banner to your web site. This will help other people to find your profile on Club Intimate.

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