Safe Meeting Tips
It’s difficult to start a relationship if you don’t feel safe or comfortable. At Club Intimate, we’ve done everything we can through our technology and platform to make it safe for you to contact new people. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time online or in person, it’s crucial that you feel 100% safe and certain every step of the way.

Here are some DO’s and DON’T’s to help you remain safe and feel as comfortable as possible while meeting other Club Intimate members:

Do meet and interact with a member several times online before meeting them offline. Your online relationship helps you build a foundation of familiarity so you can take the relationship to the next level.

Do be aware that not everyone is as honest and kind-hearted as you.

Do trust yourself and your instincts. Discontinue the relationship if you feel uncomfortable or pressured.

Do ask to see a photo or two of any Club Intimate member before meeting them in person. Be suspicious if they find excuses to avoid showing you a photo. Expect to share a photo of yourself, too.

Do collect information over a period of time about people you meet. This will help you better judge what kind of person they are and what you may have in common with them.

Do consider talking to someone on the phone prior to meeting in person in order to better gauge their social and communication skills. Club Intimate’s live chat service through Skype is ideal for this, since you don’t have to exchange phone numbers.

Do play it safe when meeting another Club Intimate member in person. Arrange to meet and depart in a public place, like a cafe. Tell a friend or family member where and when you are meeting the other member and what time you expect to return. Leave details and background information about your date with your friend or family member. Use your own car or other method of transportation to get to the meeting and be sure to take a mobile phone with you in case an emergency arises. Naturally, thank your date and say ‘goodbye’ upon departing.

Do arrange your own accommodations and transportation if meeting another Club Intimate member in another city, state or country. Bring along a friend if possible and always carry a mobile phone.

Do everything possible to avoid a ‘hairy’ situation.

Don’t jump into anything too quickly. Commit yourself slowly and don’t reveal too much about yourself all at once, whether meeting online or offline.

Don’t intentionally mislead someone.

Don’t believe someone if they seem ‘too good to be true’.

Don’t reveal anything personal such as home address or phone number until you're ready.

Don’t place yourself in any unnecessary danger.

Club Intimate hopes that your meetings with other Club Intimate members will be safe and fun and we’ve done everything we can to ensure that’s the case. But if you find yourself unsure or in a potentially unsafe situation, use your discretion and get out! Use your head and think quick to remove yourself from that situation. Then call someone, ask someone nearby for help, or call the police. At the end of the day, your safety is the most important thing.

We hope this information helps you to remain safe during your journey to find a partner or friend. Good Luck from everyone at Club Intimate.

To learn more about online safety please visit these resources: